Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas 2013 Quilt

Completing projects is always satisfying, so when my friend Nadine shared that she had pieced a quilt top 2 years ago, but hadn't quilted it yet I couldn't refuse to help get it done! She had seen a strip quilt I'd made with the students at school. It was quilted with a basic, yet effective meandering stitch similar to what puzzle pieces look like when joined together to form a picture. I told her if she didn't mind that same pattern (the only one I've mastered so far) I would take on the project. She wanted it before Christmas so she could give it to her daughter Karen who plans to visit from Oregon this Christmas. So, that's what I did last weekend. Using my New Home table top sewing machine:
 Yes, this little machine quilted a 80" X 90" quilt. It takes a lot of maneuvering and patience, but it is possible.

It's an amazing quilt. Nadine used fabric from her family's past and every square has a special memory.

 It wouldn't be complete without a label so I embroidered one and hand stitched it on the back. The label reads "Christmas 2013" because Nadine finished the piecing back then, and gave it to her daughter with the promise of completing it one day.
I am honored to have been a part of this wonderful keepsake!

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